Real Estate Information
For a visitor interested in Mazatlan real estate a good place to start is to contact an agency. Some agencies are American/Mexican owned, which can be helpful if you're not familiar with purchasing property in Mexico. CLICK for more.

Houses near the ocean are still relatively inexpensive in Mazatlán.

Keep in mind that while many professionals speak reasonable English you will find a little Spanish will make life easier and more enjoyable when outside the tourist areas.


There are good doctors, dentists and other professionals available and if you join an ex-pat group you will soon find locals who can advise and help.





Retiring and Living In Mazatlan

Retire or have a vacation home in Mazatlan

Mexico has become very popular with North Americans and others as a place to retire
or own or rent a vacation property. Living costs are lower in Mazatlan, climate milder and
medical services are excellent and relatively inexpensive for most situations.



In the summer Mazatlan can be hotter and more humid than many Americans and Canadians are accustomed to. Midwesterners and Southerners could find it more comfortable. Compared to other coastal cities, Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco, much of the year is milder with lower humidity.

Occasionally there have been horror stories about moving to Mexico and problems of owning property. For the majority there problems are few if a reliable realtor and notary handle the sale.

Owning property in Mexico is legal and protected by the Constitution and NAFTA agreement.
However, caution is advised, check things out before you buy. To read about the legal
requirements and how to manage purchasing property go to the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.
There are many online Mazatlan Realtors with English websites, easily found with a google search.

Houses in the Centro Historico can be as low as US$50k for a fixer upper, something
ready to move into usually starts around $120k. Still reasonable by world standards
and lower than other coastal properties in Mexico


For daily daily grocery needs the Central Market is the best choice, especially if you want the best fresh food. There are also large supermarkets, a Sams Club, Wal Mart a Mall and other shopping centers. La Gran Plaza is Mazatlan's major shopping mall, 3 blocks from the waterfront on Avenida de los Deportes.
The plaza features a supermarket, department stores, and specialty shops.
Open daily from 10am to 9pm.

In addition to supermarkets and public markets small specialty shops and street vendors sell everything from fresh seafood to healthy baked goods


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