In2001, the Mexican Federal Government declared the “Centro Historico” of Mazatlán a Historic Monument and a National Heritage site.

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Plaza Machado is home to the Teatro Angela Peralta. The theatre was restored in the 1990s to its 19th Century splendor where it houses a concert hall, galleries, an art school and a highly regarded conservatory of music and dance. Artists such as classical musician Enrique Patron de Rueda and the Machado Orchestra perform regularly. The Sinaloa Symphony, local productions and a diverse program of touring artists keep the Teatro busy throughout the year.

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Mazatlan's Plaza Machado…

The Historical and cultural center of Mazatlan

Mazatlan's Plazuela Machado is one of the oldest plazas in Mazatlan, built in the year 1837
under the auspices of a wealthy trader in silver cloth and pearls, Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado.


Featuring architecture influenced by the French and Spanish, the recently restored Plaza Machado
brings back an era when Mazatlecáns spent leisurely afternoons and evenings around city plazas.
Today the restored 18th century buildings feature sidewalk cafés, theaters, a museum, hotel and
musical events throughout the year.




Read more about the Restoration of El Centro

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